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Our Flynn Family has been quilting for 96 years; (oh, my gosh!) 36 for Brooke, 34 for John and 26 for Kate who entered her first quilt show at age 8. That's a lot of enjoyment and creativity along with frustration at times; broken needles, tangled thread, blocks or borders that don't work, but mostly just pure pleasure and relaxation at a time honored art.

Along the way, John Flynn started making a scroll hand quilting frame for family and friends. Many happy hours were spent hand quilting on that first scroll frame; a compact and easily stored beauty with cherrywood ends and pine rods.

As machine quilting became more and more popular, John, the engineer, was intrigued by the idea of making a no-baste scroll frame to use on a home sewing machine. Proto types came and went and, after many versions and hours spent trying the frame, success! The first Flynn Multi-Frame was introduced at Spring Quilt Market in Minneapolis in 1996 and was granted a U.S. Patent in 1999. Thousands and thousands have been sold; to quilters all over the world.

Here are some of the features of this unique frame:

  • There is no basting with the Flynn Multi-Frame System.
  • The tension system tightens right to left or left to right so all the layers of the quilt sandwich are tight; independent of each other so there are no puckers in the quilt back.
  • The frame can be taken off the sewing machine and stored away, even with the frame ends removed, in just a matter of minutes.
  • The frame holds all the layers of the quilt out of the way so a quilter can concentrate on quilting instead of bunching, re-rolling or gripping the roll of quilt.
  • The Multi-Frame can be made any length a quilter needs by adding inexpensive, easy to find metal conduit (EMT) from the home improvement store.
  • Hand quilters use the very same no baste frame.
  • And this simple, inexpensive, expandable no baste frame is only $170.


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